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Colin Cowherd Says Baker Mayfield Wearing a Backwards Hat 'Just Says Playoff Loss'

Ryan Phillips
Colin Cowherd
Colin Cowherd /

Colin Cowherd has never been a fan of backwards hats, especially not on NFL quarterbacks. He was back at it again on Friday, admonishing Cleveland Browns signal-caller Baker Mayfield for wearing his hat backwards during a press conference.

Here's the segment:

Mayfield's crime is so egregious it has only further convinced Cowherd the Browns will lose to Pittsburgh this weekend. It's worth noting, Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger wears his hat forwards and therefore can't lose.

In fact, Cowherd listed off all the quarterbacks he likes this weekend and how they wear their hats as proof that he's making the right picks.

No matter what you think of the opinion, you have to credit Cowherd for sticking to this bit.

The host of The Herd isn't the only one who thinks the Browns are going to get steamrolled this weekend. Steelers receiver JuJu Smith-Schuster doesn't exactly seem worried about Cleveland. Pittsburgh is favored by six points as I write this now.