Jose Ramirez Knocked Out Tim Anderson During Guardians - White Sox Brawl


Things got extremely heated during the Chicago White Sox - Cleveland Guardians game on Saturday night. With White Sox leading 5-0 in the 7th inning, Jose Ramirez hit a one-out double to score Andres Gimenez and get the Guardians on the scoreboard. As Ramirez slid into second, Tim Anderson tagged him in the face. Ramirez took exception and let Anderson know about it by putting his finger in his face. That's when Anderson dropped his glove and the umpire moved out of the way.

With the two players squaring up, Anderson, who is four inches taller, looked like he was getting the best of Ramirez as his teammates the other fielders tried to break it up. Then, as Ramirez was being pulled away, he caught Anderson just with a right hand square in the jaw. Anderson was stunned and went down.

The benches and bullpens cleared. More people tried to fight. At least one player can be seen limping away because he must have tweaked something in the skirmish. Anderson reenters the field and gets carried off by first baseman Andrew Vaughn. All-in-all, one of the the most legitimate baseball fights you'll see and it didn't start with a pitcher and batter.

When MLB finishes reviewing the tape, it will be fun to see who besides the two main combatants gets a suspension. The good news is that both teams are far removed from the Wild Card hunt at the moment so it shouldn't affect either team's chances at making the postseason.

UPDATE: Here's Tom Hamilton's call on Guardians radio.