Jon Jones Somehow Won't Face Punishment From UFC for Latest DUI

Jon Jones at UFC 247 weigh ins
Jon Jones at UFC 247 weigh ins / Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Jon Jones won't be punished by the UFC for his latest DUI. In what is an absolutely absurd decision, UFC president Dana White says he has no plans to punish his light heavyweight champion for his reckless behavior outside the octagon.

Jones struck a plea agreement after this latest incident where he received four days of house arrest, probation and is required to do a remote drug treatment program. He's incredibly lucky to have gotten off so lightly. He was arrested on March 26 after testing at twice the legal limit following a field sobriety test.

At the time of the arrest I wrote the following about Jones' disturbing history:

"This is now the third incident Jones has had while driving. He had a DUI in 2012 when he drove his Bentley into a pole. In 2015 he was involved in a hit-and-run where he crashed his rental car into two other vehicles and left the scene. There was marijuana in the car. Now he's got another charge for driving under the influence. And lets not forget that he's failed numerous drug tests over the years, for cocaine and for clomiphene and letrozole, two banned substances. Then in 2017, he tested positive for Turinabol, an anabolic steroid. White wound up defending Jones during the last positive test, helping the fighter's claim that he didn't intentionally take the drug. In 2019, Jones was also charged with battery of a cocktail waitress for allegedly slapping and choking her while kissing her. Dana White defended him on this one as well. Jones pleaded no-contest."

Apparently White doesn't care that one of his most bankable stars continues to embarrass the company and mixed martial arts on a regular basis. Hey, it's White's company he can do whatever he wants.

Jones is a mess. He consistently does these things and faces no discernible punishment from the organization that employs him. Why would he stop?

The sad part is that Jones might be the greatest MMA competitor of all-time. He has a sterling record in the cage. He's 26-1 all-time and the one loss came when he was dominating Matt Hamill and threw an illegal elbow. He was also tagged with a no-contest after beating Daniel Cormier at UFC 214 for one of those positive drug tests listed above.

If Jones could just not screw it he might be one of the most beloved athletes in the sport. As it stands, he's an enigma few are willing to fully-embrace.

The fact that he, once again, endangered the public by driving under the influence is inexcusable. White's decision not to discipline him is even worse.