Jon Jones Has Embarrassed Dana White And the UFC Yet Again

Jon Jones fights Thiago Santos at UFC 239
Jon Jones fights Thiago Santos at UFC 239 / Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

Jon Jones was arrested Thursday in New Mexico on multiple charges, including aggravated DUI, negligent use of a firearm, and driving without insurance. It's just the latest in a long line of embarrassing incidents the UFC light heavyweight champion has had in his personal life. After years of defending Jones, UFC president Dana White looks really bad right now after yet another arrest.

Jones is arguably the greatest UFC fighter of all-time. He carries a 26-1 record with his one loss coming via disqualification in a fight he was dominating. He also has a no-contest for a positive post-fight drug test. Other than that, he's plowed through virtually all of his UFC competition with relative ease.

Because Jones is so good and such a big name, White has defended him for years. Yeah, he'll get mad and lash out when an incident pops up, but eventually he'll see dollar signs and defend his prized fighter.

This is now the third incident Jones has had while driving. He had a DUI in 2012 when he drove his Bentley into a pole. In 2015 he was involved in a hit-and-run where he crashed his rental car into two other vehicles and left the scene. There was marijuana in the car. Now he's got another charge for driving under the influence.

And lets not forget that he's failed numerous drug tests over the years, for cocaine and for clomiphene and letrozole, two banned substances. Then in 2017, he tested positive for Turinabol, an anabolic steroid. White wound up defending Jones during the last positive test, helping the fighter's claim that he didn't intentionally take the drug.

In 2019, Jones was also charged with battery of a cocktail waitress for allegedly slapping and choking her while kissing her. Dana White defended him on this one as well. Jones pleaded no-contest.

After this latest incident, I'm not sure how the UFC continues to employ Jones. It's become ridiculous at this point. The guy has embarrassed the company repeatedly and yet somehow never faces any real punishment. He sits out for a while then gets welcomed back with huge contracts and big fights.

This is a guy who went to rehab for cocaine, then after he got out claimed he didn't plan on staying sober. He simply doesn't get it and won't until he faces real consequences for his actions.

White has gone to bat for Jones for years. We always hear about what a great place Jones is in before each fight and how he's changed the way he does things, etc. He's never going to change. It's long past time for Jones and the UFC to dump him.