Jon Jones Continues Taking Shots at Dana White, UFC on Twitter

Jon Jones at UFC 239 Jones v  Santos
Jon Jones at UFC 239 Jones v Santos / Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

Jon Jones continued his attacks on the UFC and its president, Dana White, on Monday, The UFC light heavyweight champion went on a long Twitter rant during which he blasted the organization's failure to pay him what he believes is an adequate amount of money. This is just the latest in a line of ugly public feuds fighters have been having with the UFC.

Jones is arguably the greatest MMA fighter in history and is certainly the best the UFC has ever produced. His career record of 26-1 with one no-contest is stellar, especially when you consider his one loss came because he used an illegal elbow strike in a fight he was dominating.

Last week, Jones called White a "f***ing liar" and Monday's tirade had the same feel.

Jones' entire rant can be seen below. It includes some interesting responses to people who replied to him:

Jones claimed the organization had low-balled him for years before he wised up:

He also told young fighters to get paid now before it's too late:

He said he's not fighting to get money from the past, but wants to be compensated for his value now:

He responded to more fans questioning him:

He also acknowledged his very public missteps from the past:

And he finished by saying if his decision to sit out and speak up helps other fighters, then he's done his job: