Jon Hamm Reacts to Joe Mazzulla's Obsession With 'The Town'

Jon Hamm
Jon Hamm / Michael Loccisano/GettyImages

Joe Mazzulla's deeply-held love for The Town started off as a quirky local story that helped Boston Celtics fans get to know their extremely intense head coach. Then the playoffs started and the national media got wind of it and it became a defining trait of Mazzulla, one that he encouraged as he wore a sweatshirt emboldened with the movie's most famous quote across the chest during a press conference.

The fun and games stopped once the Celtics lost the first three games to the Miami Heat. The fact that he allegedly watches it four times a week became a problem. Mazzulla's competence was called into question through every medium possible. Now down 3-1 in the series, every Celtics fan is hoping this story has a happier ending than the movie the coach loves so.

Jon Hamm plays FBI Special Agent Adam Frawley in The Town. Speaking to The Big Lead at the 2023 Sports Business Journal Awards, Hamm said he didn't know Mazzulla loved the film so much he watched it multiple times a week and laughed before joking that he hopes his bank account will be benefitting.

"I did not know that," said Hamm. "I hope I get a residual check every time he watches it, that's what I'll say to that. I know it's a very popular movie in Boston and we certainly had a good time making it.

"I hope it would inspire them to a little better record than 3-1 in the Conference Finals, but it's not done yet. You gotta win four to win. So we'll see what happens. I probably watched Slapshot about that often when I was growing up, so, hey, to each his own."

Mazzulla and the Celtics will attempt to stave off elimination again tonight. We'll see if the Heat are as relentless as Hamm's character or end up like the cop who decided to look the other way.