John Kuhn Thinks There's a 'Decent Chance' Aaron Rodgers Returns to Packers

John Kuhn
John Kuhn /

Now that the draft is over, all eyes in the NFL world turn to the Midwest as the Green Bay Packers and Aaron Rodgers continue their ... dispute, I suppose you would call it. We all know what the deal is by now. Rodgers is mad and doesn't want to return. The Packers do not have any desire to trade him and are presumably spending a large part of their time trying to win back their future Hall of Fame quarterback.

Nobody knows how this will end. All we have are rumors and information from those close to the situation. John Kuhn provided us with such information today during an appearance on the Pat McAfee Show. Kuhn, of course, played for the organization from 2007 to 2015 and became a fan favorite. He is now employed by the Packers, and told McAfee that he believes there's a "decent chance" Rodgers will be back in Green Bay in 2021.

Given this is the first tidbit we've heard that indicates reconciliation between the two sides is possible, and that the tidbit is coming from a team employee, we should take it with a grain of salt.

But it must be a relief for Packers fans to hear it regardless. Everything that's come out since the first night of the draft, when Adam Schefter dropped the bombshell of Rodgers' discontent, has pointed towards a divorce between the quarterback and team. Maybe not soon, but it has felt inevitable.

This could perhaps be the first sign that tides are changing. I'm sure those in the Packers' building do feel optimistic since Rodgers' camp is communicating with them, as Ian Rapoport said earlier in the week. A lot can happen between now and September 12, when the Packers host the Saints in the season opener.

Or it could be as simple as Kuhn doing some PR work for his bosses and sending out Good Vibes in order to show Rodgers they don't consider the situation dead in the water yet. We'll see.