John Tessitore Draws Clemson Offsides, Joe Tessitore Makes the Call

John Tessitore
John Tessitore /

Joe Tessitore has been in the broadcast game for a long, long time. This year will mark his 27th year in the booth. But even someone as experienced as he can still experience something for the first time, even after all these years.

BC is playing Clemson sans Trevor Lawrence today and has been doing everything they can to pull off the upset. Unlike, say, Syracuse last week, BC isn't going to sit around and hope things break their way. After returning a goal line fumble 99 yards for a touchdown, the Eagles were set to attempt a field goal before shifting formation and acting like they were going to sneak the ball to try and get the first down. In reality, they were just trying to draw Clemson's defense offsides, and succeeded in that endevaor.

Tessitore's son, John, is the punter for Boston College. That means he's also the placeholder on field goal tries. He was the one who called the hard count to draw Clemson offsides, and his dad was on the call. He couldn't have been happier.

Tessitore even got to give a brief description of his own son's football history as a part of the call. What an incredible moment. It is not often the punter/placeholder is worth more than a few seconds on a broadcast, but this was a rare circumstance where the spotlight was needed, and Tessitore's son was at the center. It may end up being a gigantic play, too. BC would go on to score a touchdown and head into halftime with a two-score lead against the No. 1 team in the country.

I would imagine Tessitore never thought he'd be able to talk about his son as a part of the broadcast like this in his career. Yet here he is, doing just that in what could very well be the biggest upset of the college football season. Heartwarming content for even the chilliest of us.