Joe Burrow Has More Pull With Bengals Than Aaron Rodgers Does With Packers

Joe Burrow.
Joe Burrow. / Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Joe Burrow has played all of 10 games in the NFL and somehow he already has more pull within the Bengals organization than Aaron Rodgers has in Green Bay.

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Burrow wanted the Bengals to draft his former college teammate, wide receiver Ja'Marr Chase, with the fifth overall pick and so the Bengals did what Burrow asked for. That despite the fact that the Bengals' bigger needs are along the offensive line.

Health be damned, apparently. If Burrow is happy, that's all that matters, even if his leg is hung up in a sling again next year.

Meanwhile, Aaron Rodgers can't get a damn lick of help no matter what he does. Voice your frustration about the team drafting a quarterback with their first pick in 2020? Meh, who gives a sh**. Question whether you'll finish your career with the Packers ahead of free agency? Nope, we're not signing any playmakers for you. Demand a trade? Have fun hosting Jeopardy!.

I mean, what are we even doing here people?

Listen, Chase is my favorite player in the draft and clearly the top wide receiver. He killed it with Burrow at LSU. But if Burrow gets killed behind a porous offensive line, what's the point?

NFL GMs are catering to their quarterbacks more and more these days. Just look at Tampa Bay and Kansas City. Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes have more weapons out wide than anyone could hope for. But you know what else they have? Strong offensive lines in front of them.

The Bengals can pick up some offensive linemen later in the draft, but we all know the later the pick the less likely they are to pan out. We'll see what happens there.

Meanwhile, it's insane to me to think the Bengals are giving a rookie more of a say in the future of the franchise than the reigning MVP. No wonder Rodgers wants out.