Joe Burrow Might Need to Get Used to Being a 'Loser' For a While

Joe Burrow at the NFL Combine - Day 2
Joe Burrow at the NFL Combine - Day 2 / Michael Hickey/Getty Images

Joe Burrow is set to be the No. 1 pick in the 2020 NFL Draft in two weeks. While the LSU quarterback doesn't seem to care where he goes, on Thursday he said he's, "not a loser" and just wants to, "go somewhere that I can win." While I love Burrow's attitude, he may need to get used to being a "loser" for a while.

Burrow made those comments on The Big Podcast with Shaq. The two LSU products discussed a wide range of topics concerning Burrow's winding road to becoming the top quarterback in the 2020 draft. But when he discussed what's next in his career, the reigning Heisman Trophy winner said the following:

""I just want to be drafted to a good team, good organization that's going to maximize my talents. I've won everywhere that I've been and I've never had a losing season in sports from the moment I was five years old. I'm not a loser. I just want to go somewhere that I can win. Teams are picking at the top for a reason and I feel, like I said before, I've won everywhere that I've ever been and I feel like if anybody can do it, I can do it.""

Joe Burrow via The Big Podcast

Burrow is almost certainly going to wind up with the Cincinnati Bengals and, if that's the case, he's going to have a tough time winning right away. The Bengals went 2-14 in 2019 and are in full-on rebuild mode. While they spent some money this offseason, they're not in a position to compete yet. They'll need to build through the draft and free agency for a few years before they can content in the AFC North.

While I do like the receivers Burrow will have around him, Cincinnati needs to improve both lines and the middle of its defense. This will take some time.

I've always likely Burrow's personality. The kid is confident, maybe even a little cocky. But the bottom line is that he wants to win. While I don't doubt his sincerity, he has to know he's likely to lose for a bit in Cincinnati.