Joe Burrow and Jalen Hurts Should Never Have to Answer These Questions Again

Jalen Hurts at the NFL Draft Combine.
Jalen Hurts at the NFL Draft Combine. / Alika Jenner/Getty Images

The NFL Draft Combine is in full swing and on Tuesday players held tiny press conferences. Not all players got to create original content like religious jewelry based on nicknameifcation. Some were asked annoying or downright insulting questions. Like when someone asked quarterback Jalen Hurts if he would consider not being a quarterback.

It's interesting timing considering the interest some teams have in Taysom HIll this offseason. Hill, who rushed for 2,815 yards in his college career and barely has enough complete passes in his NFL career to make a highlight video, turns 30 this summer. He has never started an NFL game, and is considered a legitimate option for some teams at quarterbacks this season.

Are there even teams who want Hurts to work out at different positions? He was asked a month ago and gave the exact same answer. Or is this just someone with a credential asking a tired old question to a black quarterback again? Nobody is asking Joe Burrow if he's going to change positions because of his hand size.

Instead, Burrow was asked, again, whether he would play for the Cincinnati Bengals if they drafted him. Again, he said he would. Again, he said he would play for whoever drafted him. It doesn't appear that there has every been any indication that Burrow would even consider pulling an Eli Manning, but people keep asking him about it. And he keeps giving the same concrete answer.

Why is it that Hurts would play another position while Burrow is asked where he wants to play? We know the answer, so why are there media members allowed at the combine who will continue to ask them? They are only doing their job in that they are recycling a news cycle that doesn't actually contain any news.

It's like if right after the Rose Bowl somebody started asking Justin Herbert if he was going to dye his hair neon green and shave his eye brows for draft night and he said no. Then every single time he spoke to reporters after that, someone asked if he was going to dye his hair neon green and shave his eyebrows for draft night. And every time he said no, someone would go on FS1 and say, "Should Herbert dye his hair green and shave his eyebrows for the draft?"

These questions are lazy, stupid or born of ill-intentions. Media members should stop and ask themselves which one they're being. And then ask again. And again. And again and again and...