Joe Buck Has Some Serious Jon Lovitz-John Lovett Confusion

Not John Lovett.
Not John Lovett. / Getty Images/Getty Images

Joe Buck is a Hall of Fame broadcaster. Jon Lovitz is a beloved comedic actor who was on Saturday Night Live in late 80's. John Lovett is a tight end on the Green Bay Packers. Late in the Packers' 34-17 win over the San Francisco 49ers, those three people came together in one really boring and pointless story.

Lovett, a second-year tight end, had three carries in the Packers' win because Green Bay was incredibly short-staffed with most of their running backs injured or on the COVID-19 list. Lovett, who played some running back at Princeton, didn't do much, but he did give Buck a chance to tell some football fans that he had asked Aaron Rodgers if he were old enough to remember John Lovett on Saturday Night Live.

Buck repeatedly said Lovett. Aaron Rodgers appeared to humor him. Rodgers is definitely old enough to have caught plenty of Lovitz on SNL reruns on Comedy Central while he was in high school or any number of other roles. He's also old enough to know his name was not "Lovett."

In Buck's defense, the names are similar. Both are named a variation of "John." Both men have last names start with "LOVE." Both have been Benchwarmers.

Excellent work by Troy Aikman who gives Buck a very hearty chuckle after hearing this very bad story. It's unlikely we ever figure out if Troy has any idea who Jon Lovitz is, knows that his name is Jon Lovitz or was just happy the game was almost over.