Joe Biden Not Sure What to Do With His Hands During Presidential Town Hall

Anderson Cooper and Joe Biden.
Anderson Cooper and Joe Biden. /

Joe Biden did a Presidential Town Hall on CNN on Thursday night. Sometime around 8:45 pm ET, Biden took a funny stance across from host Anderson Cooper. Biden stood on stage for an extended period of time with his fists clenched and held elbow-high.

It can be a real problem when you don't know what to do with your hands on camera. Some have suggested he's holding an invisible podium. Or perhaps a steering wheel. Of course, it also looks like a motionless Rock'em Sock'em Robot. Perhaps Biden had grown tired of Cooper/s incessant questions and was preparing to take things to another level. He's definitely the type who named his fists at some point. Whatever was going on, this looks like a man who is truly ready for a War on Christmas.