They Built An Absolute Rager in the Oval Office Fireplace and Joe Biden Was Loving It


President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris met with congressional leaders this afternoon in the Oval Office and they surely talked about something important that people care about but that's not the point here. Because how could any human being possibly focus on something other than the Category 5 inferno that was commanding the room from the fire place?

That fire knew somewhere deep in its initimate core that it was performing on the world stage and left nothing on the table. You first notice it when they do the wideshot, then you notice the tremendous sound crackling and roaring in equal parts. Then C-SPAN takes a tight shot of Biden and it honestly looks like he's been green-screened into one of the two volcano movies they made at the same time back in the 1990s.

Biden didn't respond to shouted questions at the end of the media's little tour there but there's an honest chance that he couldn't hear anything but the flames lapping up at his right elbow, which was a little too close for comfort. Just a hell of a fire.

Perhaps this is the exact bipartisan rallying point we can all share together. Left side of the aisle or right side, Americans appreciate a fireplace perilously creeping out of control. Really sends a strong message to other nations, regardless which party was responsible for giving it all the gas.