Jim McMahon Admits Aaron Rodgers Owns the Bears

Green Bay Packers v Chicago Bears
Green Bay Packers v Chicago Bears / Quinn Harris/GettyImages

Aaron Rodgers made headlines for all sorts of reasons last season, but the most fun and harmless was when he scored a touchdown against the Chicago Bears in the Windy City and screamed to the crowd, "I still own you!" It was a demoralizing line coming from an all-time great who spent the last decade smacking the Bears around, both at Lambeau and at Soldier Field. Chicago fans weren't terribly happy but everybody else thought it was hilarious, especially since it's hard to disagree.

This incident was one of the things brought up during a Good Morning Football interview this morning with Bears great Jim McMahon. McMahon said he had missed it when it happened last fall but after some brief reflection admitted that Rodgers was right-- he did own the Bears. From the seven-minute mark below:

This is probably a rather painful thing for Bears fans to hear considering McMahon's place in franchise history. McMahon is considered the last great Chicago quarterback. They've had some good ones over the years but none ever reached the heights McMahon did, and his name is regularly mentioned because he's also the last QB the Bears managed to draft and develop into an above-average starter. And even he knows how badly Rodgers has beaten down Chicago over the years.

As McMahon says: if you're gonna be under center for the Bears, you have to be able to beat Green Bay. This is a lesson Justin Fields is in the process of learning.