Jim Irsay Danced After The Colts' Victory and It Was Wild


The Indianapolis Colts had no problem executing their plan to go into Carolina and beat up on the Panthers yesterday. Gardner Minshew has been one of the best backup quarterbacks in the league and they've been playing some pretty good ball all things considered to get to 4-5 on the year. Which is right in the meaty part of those In The Hunt graphics that'll take over most broadcasts soon. So there was much to celebrate in the triumphant postgame locker room.

For that, they needed the help of owner Jim Irsay who is very much not like a normal owner but more of a fun owner. The 64-year-old regaled everyone on the Colts' roster and support staff with a dancing exhibition that approximated what would happen if you unthawed a caveman and he had to go to prom (honestly not a bad idea, we're past due for an Encino Man reboot).

A spellbinding performance. Irsay establishes such a low, wide base from the jump and only manages to go lower. There's a tremendous amount of fake-hammering, fist-clenching, and pantomime gardening. This is what it looks like when someone just empties the entire chamber. And we're not having fun at his expense because it's truly awesome when someone dances like no one is watching in real life. No one could have told Irsay anything when he was transfixed, staring at a spot 18 inches below him on the floor and letting Meek Mill dictate whatever his body did next.

Would that we could all know such joy when our team is creeping around the .500 mark.