Jim Acosta Said 'Dipsh*t' Live on CNN While Reading a Quote About Potential Joe Exotic Pardon

Jim Acosta on CNN
Jim Acosta on CNN /

Jim Acosta is CNN's lead White House reporter and the man has seen some things over the past four years covering the Trump administration. I'm fairly certain that many years ago when he was studying mass communication at James Madison University, Acosta never thought he'd have to read a quote about a jailed zoo operator on live television that included the word "dipshit," but here we are.

Tuesday night, as a final list of pardons was expected from Donald Trump on the last day of his presidency, Acosta reported on the in-fighting as people close to the president advocated for pardons. Joe Exotic of Tiger King fame had long been mentioned as a potential pardon recipient and apparently some close to the White House weren't happy about it.

Acosta was on live during The Situation Room and reported that one Trump loyalist told him, "I'll be pissed if that dipshit does make the president's list of pardons and my client doesn't."

It was quite a moment. Here's video:

That's just a perfect capper on the Trump years. At the 11th hour people arguing over the pardon of a former zookeeper and convicted felon who made these music videos and initiated a murder-for-hire plot that was the subject of a Netflix documentary released during a global pandemic. (Yes, I realize that's a run-on sentence, but I feel like it needed to be written that way to fit the times we're in.) Despite being on the cusp of a solemn occasion, the fact that Joe Exotic is making headlines just seems to fit with the craziness of the world.

Guys, the last four years have been a wild ride. I'm more than ready to get off of it.