Joe Exotic's Music Videos Are Even More Amazingly Terrible Than You Imagined

Joe Exotic in the music video "Here Kitty Kitty"
Joe Exotic in the music video "Here Kitty Kitty" /

If you haven't watched the true crime series Tiger King on Netflix yet, I'm really not sure what you even did this weekend.

While quarantined on Sunday, my girlfriend and I blitzed all seven episodes over the course of about 10 hours. It was a fascinating look at the psychopaths who collect big cats and the craziness they get up to. You'll basically be trying to decide which one of the main characters you hate the least. It's fascinating television.

The star of the show is the man known as Joe Exotic. He's just your average openly-gay, gun-toting, drug-using, big cat-loving polygamist zookeeper who ran for president in 2016. Spoiler alert -- that was given away in the trailer -- Joe went to prison thanks to a hamfisted murder-for-hire plot against another big cat enthusiast. I know what you're thinking after reading all that: Is Joe also a country recording artist? Oh, you bet your ass he is.

Sprinkled throughout the documentary series are clips of music videos of songs Joe had performed and took way too seriously. We'll show you a few of those below.

The first is Pretty Woman Lover, which is a fascinating premise for a song if you've seen the series and know anything about Joe's love life. It might include some of the worst lip syncing I've ever seen:

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Next up is I Saw a Tiger, which is definitely Joe's Let It Be. Obviously we're at the height of his powers and this is definitely the closer to the concert:

This next tune is My First Love about Joe's first husband, which had to be awkward when he added a third man to the marriage. In an odd twist, both his husbands openly admitted they were not really gay and still slept with women. Guys, you have to watch this series. Anyway, enjoy the video which is insanely awkward:

Here Kitty Kitty is probably Joe's biggest hit, as it's a tribute to his biggest rival Carole Baskin. He basically accuses her of killing her husband and feeding him to a tiger, all while wearing a priest's collar because...sure. At one point he even picks up real lion feces because apparently no one thought they could just use mud as a prop:

If these videos haven't convinced you to watch the series, I don't know what will. It's batsh*t crazy from start to finish.