The Jets Are Not Happy Sam Darnold's 'Seeing Ghosts' Comment Was Shown on Monday Night Football

Stephen Douglas
New England Patriots v New York Jets
New England Patriots v New York Jets / Al Bello/Getty Images

The New England Patriots embarrassed the New York Jets on Monday Night Football, 33-0. The loss was made even worse when quarterback Sam Darnold, in his first game back from mono, was shown on the ESPN broadcast saying he was "seeing ghosts." It seems that no one is happy with this clip showing up on MNF.

Jets coach Adam Gase said that both he and the organization were "bothered" that the comment aired. He also said that they would reconsider their involvement in anything like that going forward, which can't please the NFL.

Here's a little background on how the NFL Films / ESPN Monday Night Football relationship works, from The New York Daily News' Manish Mehta. Basically, there's an NFL Films rep who signs off on the footage and ESPN has no control over what gets aired.

According to Mehta, the people from NFL Films aren't happy that this comment was cleared either. So that's Adam Gase, the New York Jets, NFL Films, the NFL and, presumably, Sam Darnold, who are not not happy with the decision. On the other side, you have everyone on the Internet and probably ESPN who at least got to air one interesting thing last night.

UPDATE: As it so happens, Darnold's teammates feel the same way. Le'Veon Bell took to Twitter to air his grievances.