Joe Douglas Still Has Faith in Adam Gase, Which is Why the Jets Must Fire Them Both

Joe Douglas, Buffalo Bills v New York Jets
Joe Douglas, Buffalo Bills v New York Jets / Al Pereira/Getty Images

Joe Douglas held a press conference shortly after the NFL trade deadline passed and it was a doozy. The New York Jets' general manager took a lot of blame for his team's 0-8 start, but also excused the horrific performance of head coach Adam Gase. If Douglas isn't willing to admit Gase is a disaster, then both men need to be fired.

Douglas admitted he hasn't done a good enough job surrounding young quarterback Sam Darnold with talent. That's 100 percent true and it's the reason we can't really judge if Darnold will eventually be any good or not.

This offseason, Douglas also failed to re-sign receiver Robby Anderson this past offseason, which was a massive miss. Anderson signed with the Carolina Panthers and through eight weeks has 51 receptions for 688 yards and a touchdown. He'd easily be the Jets' No. 1 receiver.

Then Douglas claimed Gase was part of the solution to the team's problems and that the GM has to do a better job of securing talent for him:

I'm sorry, but if you see what Gase has done to this team and think he's going to help turn the franchise around, you're delusional. His time as the Jets' head coach has been an abject disaster and it's not going to get better.

If Douglas truly believes Gase has a place in the Jets' future, then ownership needs to fire both men and start with a clean slate.