Are the Jets Already Having Second Thoughts About Aaron Rodgers?

Aaron Rodgers RX3 Charity Flag Football
Aaron Rodgers RX3 Charity Flag Football / Aubrey Lao/GettyImages

Aaron Rodgers has been quiet lately. Frankly, a little too quiet considering how there has been no movement on his movement from the Green Bay Packers to the New York Jets over the last few weeks. Trade talks appear to be stalled despite the fact that Rodgers made his desires clear a month ago. So what's going on? Well, the Jets aren't quite having second thoughts, but they don't seem all-in right now either.

Here's Yahoo's Charles Robinson, on a recent radio appearance with ESPN Milwaukee's Wilde & Tausch (via SI):

"If we’re going to do the whole thing of ‘Whose court is the ball in?’ I guess it’s in the Jets’ court, but the problem with that is that for the Jets it’s at a standstill. They’re saying no we’re not doing the straight-shot one. And I think what [Jets owner] Woody Johnson’s problem is with this is that he looks at Denver and all the assets Denver gave up [for Russell Wilson] ... now Seattle is sitting on Denver’s pick at No. 5 because that crashed and burned. I think some of it is the Matt Stafford thing, and now he has a balky elbow … and now Detroit is sitting at six. … They sort of had trade parameters worked out, and then when Aaron went on [The Pat McAfee Show] and said ‘I’m 90% retired’ or ‘I was 90% retired when I went into the darkness retreat,’ I think it scared Woody.”

So the Jets still want Rodgers, but they don't want to overpay. Especially when he sounds as flaky as ever. I mean, this guy was strongly considering retiring until he sat in a dark room for a few days.

Rodgers will turn 40 this season. He's well past the age where 99 percent of football players retire. It seems unlikely the Jets will get two seasons out of him so what's a quality quarterback worth for exactly one year? And what's to stop him from changing his mind again before then? These are the things keeping the Jets up at night and keeping the deal from getting done.

It's obviously time for Rodgers to break his silence and let everyone know exactly what he's thinking. It's clearly the only way for this situation to be resolved.