Jesse Watters: I Say This With an Unblemished Record of Heterosexuality, Trump Looks Good and Hard

Jesse Watters, who is straight, in case you are asking
Jesse Watters, who is straight, in case you are asking /

Fox News' coverage of Donald Trump has given us a lot of wild soundbites over the years. Somehow they've only gotten weirder in his post-presidential life. Jesse Watters was kind enough to give us the weirdest and funniest one yet on The Five last night.

He was talking about Trump's mugshot, of course. The picture will drive several news cycles and it dominated yesterday. At one point Watters felt obligated to compliment Trump's physical features in his Fulton County photoshoot. For... reasons. But before he could compliment another man Watters had to make sure everybody knew he was straight, and chose to do so in a truly bizarre manner.

"I say this with an unblemished record of heterosexuality: Trump looks good. He looks hard."

Why? Why did he say this? Why did he say it like this?

We live in the strangest of times. Turning on Fox News on any given day is a pretty solid indicator of that but this is a new level. What a bizarre world.