Jesse Watters: Joe Biden Is 'On Speed Or Something'


On Friday, Conservatives are reacting to Joe Biden's forceful State of the Union address from Thursday night and it doesn't seem they know which tack to take. Fox News' Jesse Watters decided to go with the "Joe Biden was on drugs" path. Not only did he accuse the president of using speed, he said he should pee into a cup.

Here's video from Friday's episode of The Five.

So Biden is either a doddering, feeble old man or a speed freak. I guess Watters is trying to say he's both? How about we just be real and say he's an old man who is capable of focusing for a big speech but often does seem like an old man. Sounds just like Donald Trump, his opponent in the upcoming presidential election.

I've said this for a while, but Americans just need to come to terms with the fact that, collectively, we've chosen two extremely old men to compete to be the next president. Whoever wins will be the oldest president ever inaguraged. Making this race about age is silly because, well, they're both ancient by normal standards.

I swear, people have no idea how stupid 2024 is going to get. Prepare yourselves now.