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Jason Whitlock is currently a media free agent. Whitlock left Fox Sports on June 1 after his contract expired on May 31 and he was unable to come to an extension with his employer. There has been no word of what is next for Whitlock.

Whitlock got his first major gig writing columns for the Kansas City Star. He split time between the Star and ESPN before jumping over to AOL, then Fox, ESPN again, and then back to Fox over the last decade and a half. Here's everything else you need to know about the divisive media personality

Jason Whitlock Twitter

Here is a link to Whitlock's Twitter account.

Jason Whitlock Net Worth

As of 2018, PlayersWiki estimated Whitlock's net worth to be over $10 million. Given the private nature of his contracts and other deals, it is hard to get a grasp on exactly how much Whitlock is worth, but as one of the more well-known sports media personalities, it would not be surprising if Whitlock had an eight-digit net worth.

Jason Whitlock Salary

Whitlock's recently-expired contract with Fox Sports reportedly paid him over $2 million, although it is important to note that information is unconfirmed. Whitlock brings both controversy and a sizeable audience wherever he goes, and along with Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe was one of the faces of Fox's sports coverage when they brought him back on board in 2015 to host Speak For Yourself. Whitlock may find it challenging to find an employer willing to give him that much money given the financial strain that the global pandemic has put on all industries and especially media, but Whitlock does strike the balance of drawing enough eyes on his own and then bringing in more with his discussion topics.

Jason Whitlock Hair

Whitlock's hair has been a matter of much debate between his supporters and detractors alike. Specifically, the audience is unsure if his hair is real (when he does have it; Whitlock seems to occasionally go for the bald look voluntarily). But you can make that decision for yourself. For additional information, The Big Lead wrote an article on this very topic in July 2019.

Jason Whitlock Wife

Whitlock has kept the private side of his life just that-- very private. His relationship status is unknown.

Jason Whitlock Kobe Bryant

Whitlock drew the late Kobe Bryant's ire in the early part of the decade, when he asked Bryant a question about previous comments he made following the 2011 NBA All-Star game. It's a legendary post-game moment and elicited laughter all-around.

Jason Whitlock ESPN

Whitlock started to make a name for himself in the national spotlight during early part of the century, writing columns for the Kansas City Star while writing for ESPN's Page 2 starting in 2002, which has an impressive alumni list in retrospect. Whitlock also appeared as a guest on several studio shows at ESPN, including PTI and Jim Rome Is Burning. He left to write for AOL.com in 2006, but burned the ESPN bridge on his way out after slamming fellow ESPN employee Mike Lupica.

Whitlock returned to ESPN for a brief spell from 2013-2015.

Jason Whitlock Outkick the Coverage

Following his departure from Speak For Yourself, Whitlock joined Clay Travis' Outkick the Coverage in mid-June.