Nick Wright and Jason Whitlock Are Emphatic That Their Hair Is Real


While both of them have had noticeable heads of hair for at least a couple months, FS1 personalities Jason Whitlock and Nick Wright found themselves in an old-fashioned meme tempest today. The two, who do not share many opinions, are nonetheless on the same wavelength as far as saying that they were bald by choice and that their new hair is all natural.

“I strongly believe Nick Wright is seeing the same hair doctor as LeBron James,” Whitlock jokes, via DM. “My hair is completely authentic, organic and real. Nick is doing it as a show of solidarity with LeBron.” He has also been tweeting:

The tape backs this up. For example, in this Speak for Yourself clip from March, Whitlock’s hair was about halfway between bald and now, meaning this would have had to have been a very elaborate ruse to show gradual growth. Wright’s hair has also been growing at a pretty reasonable pace since early April.

“I had a skin fade for 20 years,” explains Wright. “My wife has been trying to get me to grow out my hair for 10 years. I finally relented a few months back. I initially hated it, but I’m starting to come around. The most noteworthy thing to me has been how many people think I must’ve been bald by force (not choice) before & that therefore I’m now either wearing some ridiculous toupee or got hair plugs.”

The First Things First co-host continues: “I actually liked my haircut before, but evidently the general public thought it was so bad that I’d only possibly have it if I were forced to, rather than by choice. But, for good or for bad, my hair growth is all natural. And it might be temporary, because if we are to the point where there’s blog posts about it, I probably should just shave it all off and go back to by skin fade.”

Thus concludes this riveting mystery.