Jason Garrett Still Isn't the Cowboys' Ex-Coach, Will Meet With Jerry Jones Again on Tuesday

Stephen Douglas
Jason Garrett is just hanging around.
Jason Garrett is just hanging around. / Richard Rodriguez/Getty Images

Jason Garrett and Jerry Jones just can't quit each other.

Garrett's contract ended when the Cowboys were eliminated from the playoffs on Sunday. On Monday, Garrett was not formally let go. We wondered why not. Now it has been reported that Garrett will meet with Jerry Jones and his son again on Tuesday. And then another meeting will be set. So what is going on here?

According to the Dallas Morning News, the Cowboys aren't stringing Garrett along. This is just how families do things.

"The more likely scenario is that Garrett wants the chance to connect with all of his players before walking out the door. He wants to be true to himself and his approach. He’s the one who considers this important. This is what you do in a family business. And no matter how many billion this franchise is worth -- the latest calculation by Forbes puts it at $5.5 billion -- it remains a family business."

So why not make it official? Why can't the Cowboys announce Garrett is done and still allow him to say goodbye to everyone? Why does he need his keycard access immediately revoked? If he's not coming back, shouldn't he be out there talking to other teams about jobs? Garrett is a lifer. He played football into his late 30s and then immediately started coaching football. He's 53. He's not really about to take a gap year, is he?

Garrett may not be back as head coach, but this all makes it seem more likely he's still with the team moving forward in some capacity. As what? Who knows. Maybe he and Kellen Moore will just switch jobs. Maybe he'll be the new assistant to the regional manager. All that matters is that Jason Garrett remains an integral part of the Dallas Cowboys organization. Maybe someday they'll tell us how.