Jane Slater Reports Cowboys Players Are Not Happy With Coaching Staff

Dallas Cowboys
Dallas Cowboys / Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

The Dallas Cowboys' season is on the verge of falling apart. Dak Prescott is out for the year, Ezekiel Elliott has the yips with five fumbles already this season, and the squad sits at 2-4 despite a loaded offensive cabinet in the worst division in football. Now they're fresh off a 38-10 loss on their home turf at the hands of the Arizona Cardinals, and problems are beginning to arise.

First, NFL Network's Jane Slater tweeted that the players didn't really feel like this coaching staff was up to snuff in any regard. One player reportedly put it rather bluntly and said his bosses weren't good at their jobs.

Shortly thereafter, Slater made a TV appearance on the network to say that the situation in Dallas right now feels "very broken."

Oh, what a day to not be a fan of the Dallas Cowboys. Extremely observant analysis here: this is not great! And that's why you read the site, folks.

For my money, I'm not totally sure the players are being fair. Being able to adjust on the fly at all is one thing, but attempting to adjust to a new starting quarterback in the span of seven days (especially with the talent differential between Prescott and Andy Dalton) is quite another. However, as Slater points out, it doesn't seem like anybody is buying into the program, which is a problem that extends beyond Prescott's injury.

I'm sure Jerry Jones is jumping for joy over what his money has bought him. A team with malcontents, a 2-4 record, and no light at the end of the tunnel. On the other hand, they are in first place in the division. So how bad can it be, really?