Jameis Winston Eats 'W' After Saints Blow Out the Bucs on Sunday Night Football

Drew Brees and Jameis Winston
Drew Brees and Jameis Winston /

The New Orleans Saints beat the Tampa Bay Buccaneers 38-3, on Sunday Night Football. Jameis Winston even got in the game against his former squad in the fourth quarter as both teams waited for the clock to hit zero. After the game Drew Brees was interviewed by NBC and was interrupted by teammates making faces and calling him the "real GOAT." And it also featured another appearance by Jameis.

Yes, Jameis Winston again ate a "W" on camera. This was perhaps the most famous thing he did as a member of the Bucs.

What an incredibly awkward moment that remains three years later. The fact that he revisited it after this win is actually kind of charming. Obviously, it works better as a goofy celebration than a motivational tool.