Pat Shurmur Is Done With Mike Francesa

Ryan Glasspiegel
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DraftKings Kickoff Bash 2018 / Sean Zanni/Getty Images

Pat Shurmur has cut off his weekly spot with Mike Francesa on WFAN after just two weeks in the season, Neil Best of Newsday reports. This isn't a massive surprise, if you watched the spot this week Francesa actually prefaced a question -- and this is a direct quote -- "I hate to say it but you look like a terrible team ... you're not good at anything. You've got a really good running back and a good kicker who missed a field goal yesterday. But other than that you don't look good at anything. You can't get the ball in the end zone and you can't stop anybody."

There aren't many head coaches in the NFL who would have walked into that buzzsaw this week, but there also aren't many radio hosts like Francesa. He won't do that to an owner, but if you're a head coach in New York he just has more tenure than you and nobody's going to stop him from really embarrassing you if your team stinks. Almost everyone else doing regional radio doesn't have the legacy and job security to go after you like that.

Francesa is going to use the Giants as a punching bag unless Daniel Jones turns things around, and the Jets probably aren't far behind.