Jalen Rose Takes Kendrick Perkins to Task Over Cold Bucks Takes on 'Get Up'


The Milwaukee Bucks did not look like a championship-caliber team at several points over the course of their playoff run. They lost by 39 points against the Brooklyn Nets in the second round. They went down 2-0 in two separate series. They lost the first game of every playoff series after the first round. Yet time and time again, they battled back and proved they were that kind of team, the kind that works through adversity and emerges better from the other side.

Now the Bucks are NBA champions for the first time in 50 years, appropriately punctuated by a 50-point performance from Finals MVP Giannis Antetokounmpo in the deciding game. For the dozens of hot-take artists out there paid to react to every little thing that happens over the course of the playoffs, it means some crows will be coming to roost.

Usually it comes from the Freezing Cold Takes Twitter account. But Jalen Rose didn't want to leave it to the Internet. He flew from Milwaukee to Detroit and didn't even sleep before hopping on Get Up to remind Kendrick Perkins of all the terrible stances he took throughout the Bucks' playoff run.

Rose came locked and loaded, man. Gotta respect his dedication.

It's tough for Big Perk but it's just part of the business. Nobody is always going to be right. And when the currency is the hottest take possible, the repercussions are going to reverberate that much more harshly.

Later on, Perkins responded by accusing Rose of a sprayed-on hairline, and in response Rose said Perkins looks 50 years older than he is.

Safe to say Rose won this round.