Kendrick Perkins: Milwaukee Bucks Are Dumbest Team in NBA Finals History


There are more than a few reasons to explain the Phoenix Suns racing out to a 2-0 NBA Finals lead over the Milwaukee Bucks and most of them are self-evident. Finding something truly interesting to break down after this fairly straightforward start is a bit more challenging than it's been in recent years. ESPN's Kendrick Perkins, however, may have found the ground everyone in the punditry has been looking to stake out by distilling things through an intellectual lens.

Here he is explaining his premise that the Bucks are the dumbest team in NBA Finals history, whereas the Suns have the youngest team with the highest IQ in NBA history. It's quite a tandem of claims even if anyone with an internet connection has been able to see Monty Williams out-coach Mike Budenholzer with painful regularity.

Perkins is obviously in the top one percent in terms of understanding Xs and Os and basketball acumen. So he comes from a place of authority on this. However, it does seem a bit hyperbolic, if not harsh. It's not as though a sharper mental output would have changed either game. Final scores of 10 and 13 so far are doing more work to convince people these were more competitive fights. And it's not like there's been one or two bonehead plays we'll remember. It's been a slow accumulation, which is a undoubtedly bad, but has it truly been historic?

Guess it's good these Finals finally have something to be memorable, even if it's between-the-ears stuff.