Jalen Ramsey, Golden Tate Fight at Midfield After Rams-Giants Game

Ryan Phillips
Golden Tate Jalen Ramsey fight after Rams beat the Giants
Golden Tate Jalen Ramsey fight after Rams beat the Giants /

As we documented earlier today, Jalen Ramsey and Golden Tate really don't like each other. They have deep family history and an ongoing feud and it got worse on Sunday. After Ramsey's Los Angeles Rams beat Tate's New York Giants 17-9, the two met at midfield and threw punches at each other.

Ramsey used to date Tate's sister Breanna and fathered two children with her. When she was pregnant with their second daughter, Ramsey left her for dancer Monica Giavanna. Tate went public with his displeasure:

The feud has continued and on Sunday Ramsey lit Tate up with a brutal tackle that likely only made things worse.

After the game, they found each other at midfield and exchanged blows. They were separated by teammates in an ugly scene. More than 30 minutes after the incident, Ramsey was still pacing the turf at SoFi Stadium in his uniform.

The NFL is likely to hand out some fines here and certainly could suspend both players.