Jalen Ramsey Lit Golden Tate up With a Brutal Tackle, Likely Deepening Their Feud


Jalen Ramsey and Golden Tate don't like each other. There's a deep family feud between the two men, which gave a deeper layer of meaning to Sunday's matchup between Ramsey's Los Angeles Rams and Tate's New York Giants. Ramsey got the better of the showdown.

Ramsey is the father of two of Tate's nieces, after dating Breanna Tate, Golden's sister. But he left her last summer during her pregnancy to date dancer Monica Giavanna. Obviously that didn't sit well with Tate, who felt his sister had been disrespected.

On Sunday during the Rams' 17-9 win over the Giants, the two tangled and Ramsey came out on top. Check out this brutal tackle the Rams' corner laid on Tate:

Watch it again and see how Ramsey blew up Dion Lewis, before spearing Tate and spiking him into the turf. Sheesh, that looked like something you'd see on Monday Night Raw, not on a football field.

The feud between Tate and Ramsey will likely continue but given that they play in different divisions, we may not see them on the field against one another again. This was their chance to take legal shots at each other and Ramsey won the exchange.

UPDATE: The Ramsey and Tate fought with each other at midfield after the game, exchanging several punches.