Ringside Video of Jake Paul Knocking Out Ben Askren Hits Harder

Jake Paul, Ben Askren knockout.
Jake Paul, Ben Askren knockout. / Jeff Kravitz/Getty Images

What the hell did I just watch?

If that was your reaction to the Triller Fight Club broadcast on Saturday night you were not alone. Headlined by Jake Paul, Ben Askren, Justin Bieber, Snoop Dogg, Pete Davidson, Mario Lopez, Ice Cube, Urkel and GOD DAMN HOW DID THEY GET ALL THESE PEOPLE?

Five-plus hours spent watching a mix of sketch comedy, musical performances and whatever you want to call the boxing that was on display will do that to you. But we got the knockout we all wanted when Paul sent Askren to the canvas in the first round of their fight, so whatever, there was that.

The punch certainly looked solid on TV. Today we got a couple of ringside views. I liked them better so I'll share them here.

Ok, so last night, I'll be honest. I thought Askren could have kept fighting.

Seeing that angle? Not so much.

After getting jawed by Logan with a clean right, Askren was about as surefooted as a fish flopping around on land.

Here's Jake Paul's brother's view.

Was this a good fight? No. Were Mike Tyson's 1990s fights always good? No. We watched for the spectacle then and we watched for the spectacle now. So what if this one included more musical acts than a festival in the desert and more weed smoking than a festival too? It was funny. And we got the knockout. That's all we could ask for.