Ja Morant Was Involved in Another Incident With a High Schooler, According to Police

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Ja Morant was allegedly involved in another incident involving a high school kid, according to TMZ Sports. Back in September Morant, his baby daughter, parents and a group of adult males showed up at a high school gymnasium to confront a student who had a confrontation with Morant's sister. Police were called. Via TMZ Sports:

According to the documents, most of the group -- excluding Ja's father -- went to confront the student in the stands at the game who had been quarreling with Ja's sister.

"Which one of ya'll called her a bitch?" Jamie Morant, Ja's mother, allegedly said.

Cops say in the docs they told Jamie she "can not come upstairs and confront the students and they did not need to make a scene at the school." But, officers say while they were talking, one of the men with Ja moved past police and walked toward students.

According the report, witnesses on the scene said the man slapped a phone out of a student's hand who had been attempting to take a picture of Ja in the stands ... and then said, "I don't care about none of that, I will beat y'alls ass."

One witness said that someone had a gun, but police did not see a firearm. Morant's mother wanted to press charges, as did the mother of the other student, but no charges were ever filed.

This story is a perfect mix of the other two incidents involving Morant that were recently reported. First, the confrontation with a 17-year old during a pick-up basketball game and then Morant and a group of friends showing up to the mall after his mother had a problem with someone at the Finish Line.

Morant has missed the last three games since he broadcasted video of himself with a gun at a strip club on Instagram.