The Ice Cubes at Michael Jordan's Private Golf Course Are Astounding

Michael Jordan smiling.
Michael Jordan smiling. / Aurelien Meunier/Getty Images

Few athletes, nay humans, have embraced narcissism more than Michael Jordan. I mean, Jordan literally has an employee whose job it is to pull up highlights of Jordan playing basketball just to trash talk Kevin Garnett. If that story and the self-aggrandizing Last Dance documentary released last year weren't enough to reinforce that reality, perhaps the ice cubes at his private golf course are.

PGA Tour player Jimmy Walker is either a member at The Grove XXIII, the ultra-exclusive golf club Jordan built in South Florida for him and his friends, or was lucky enough to get invited to play there recently. Either way, Walker posted a photo of the ice cubes served at The Grove XXIII and they are perfectly Jordan.

So at Michael Jordan's club when you order a drink with ice in it you're reminded of who the boss is through the ice cubes. That's about the most egotistical move imaginable, and it fits Jordan's personality perfectly.

Now 58-years-old, Jordan doesn't have to hide his pomposity anymore. He's embraced it, unapologetically admitting he was a dictator with Bulls teammates in an effort to reach his goal of winning a championship in The Last Dance documentary. It was the first time we saw Jordan so openly embrace the person many knew he was behind closed doors. Now we get to hear another story verify that fact every other week. Didn't see ice cubes coming, but it's cool nevertheless.