Ian Rapoport Gives Glimpse of NFL Insider Life on the 'Pat McAfee Show'

Ian Rapoport
Ian Rapoport /

Pat McAfee's Aaron Rodgers interviews every Tuesday are all stellar and have gained McAfee's show some substantial notoriety this football season. While it's still early, I might argue that the Ian Rapoport interview series McAfee is beginning are nearly as good.

The last time Rapoport appeared with McAfee, he had to bail in the middle of a segment to break the news that Dwayne Haskins was going to be released by the Washington Football Team. It was certified Good Content. The top NFL Network newsbreaker appeared again today and, among other things, gave us an intriguing glance into the life of an insider. Specifically, how he deals with negative news reports.

This is pretty inside baseball stuff that only us media nerds will care about, but it's interesting to hear his thought process. Information is the currency he and his fellow insiders broker in, and it can be a rather cutthroat business at times with the advent of instantaneous news-breaking in the Twitter age. Doug Marrone sounded grateful to have been notified that Rapoport was going to report news that impacted him, and Adam Gase probably was, too.

The day-to-day these guys live is fascinating. To me, at least. Everything moves fast as lightning in this particular segment of sports media. At the very least, it's awfully nice of Rap to let guys know he'll break their pink slip ahead of time. Pretty cool peek behind the curtain by Rapoport here.