Ian Rapoport: Antonio Brown Will Be In NFL in 2020

Ian Rapoport on Antonio Brown.
Ian Rapoport on Antonio Brown. / Cindy Ord/Getty Images

Antonio Brown went from the best wide receiver in the NFL to an unemployable nuisance who couldn't stay out of trouble on or off the field. However, despite multiple professional and, more concerning, domestic issues recently, he's still talented at running routes and catching footballs. In the NFL, talent and performance sometimes matter more than personal issues and it's with that knowledge that Ian Rapoport confidently states that he believes Brown will play in the NFL in 2020.

While appearing on The Pat McAfee Show, Rapoport dropped knowledge most could have guessed, saying, "I do believe he's going to be in the NFL in 2020" when asked for an update. Rapoport mentioned the Seahawks and Texans as teams interested in signing Brown, something previously reported. He also mentioned teams are still waiting to see what kind of suspension Brown faces following an offseason where he was in the news for multiple domestic issues as well as some bizarre Twitter outburst aimed at everyone from Robert Kraft to the NFL as a whole. He mentioned six or eight games as a suspension length but admitted he hadn't heard anything definitive.

As McAfee mentioned, this would be quite the comeback story for Brown. From his messy breakup with the Steelers to his short, tumultuous stint with the Raiders to his disastrous ending with the Patriots, which was spurred on by allegations of sexual misconduct and rape, he's been involved in too many scandals to recall in the last 24 months. But NFL GMs still can recall him catching footballs all over the field, and that seems to matter most as they contemplate bringing him back into the league in 2020.