Hunter Biden Walked Out on Marjorie Taylor Greene, Prompting Congressional 'WOW!'


Hunter Biden was on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C., on Wednesday. Accompanied by at least one lawyer, Biden sat in on a wild congressional hearing where Republicans seemed to spend a great deal of time complaining that Hunter Biden was avoiding them, despite the fact that he had really good seats. Eventually, the President's son heard enough and got up to leave right as Marjorie Taylor Greene was granted the floor for five minutes to roast him. Taylor Greene was shocked to see him walk out and shouted, "Excuse me Hunter, apparently you're afraid of my words."

We really need to know exactly which Republicans could be heard shouting "Woooah!" and "Wow!" In addition to MTG, South Carolina's Nancy Mace was in attendance trying to make a scene. Mace asked, "Who bribed Hunter Biden to be here today," before telling him, "You have no balls." (Mace is big on that kind of talk in the mornings.)

To explain why Biden may have walked out, Rep. Robert Garcia of California then pointed out that Taylor Green had previously showed nude photographs of Biden in the same committee room. Seems like as good a reason as any to leave and head to your next engagement of the morning.