Howard Stern Not as Excited About His Tom Brady Interview as Dan Le Batard and Stugotz

Howard Stern.
Howard Stern. / Kevin Mazur/Getty Images

Howard Stern has interviewed many of the most famous humans in the world over the last 30-or-so years. from Paul McCartney to Robert Downey Jr. to Pamela Anderson and basically everyone in between. Now, the king of radio is set to interview new Bucs quarterback Tom Brady and the sportsless sports world is anticipating the inquisition with bated breath. Apparently Stern got wind of the heightened excitement in that segment of society and decided to discuss it on his show today, though he didn't seem quite as enthused as the rest of us are.

Yesterday, Dan Le Batard and Stugotz discussed the impending interview between Brady and Stern. Stugotz said he believes Brady is going to let loose with Stern and let out 20 years' worth of pent-up emotions he was forced to internalize under the acute eye of Bill Belichick. Stern seemed nonplussed by the buzz, and his co-host Robin Quivers wondered if Brady is coming onto their show with an agenda, as Stugotz eluded to.

Obviously the funniest part of that clip is Stern calling Le Batard Li Batard. Repeatedly. But the last 30 seconds is what really stood out to me.

Unlike the rest of the sports world, including myself, he doesn't seem to have given this interview more thought than any other. In fact, his analogy about sports radio seems to align with his thinking about this interview. While the rest of us are trying to predict what Stern will ask Brady and what Brady will say, Stern's waiting for the actual interview to see how things unfold.

How novel.

Then again, as mentioned in the lede, Stern has conducted interviews with celebrities who are more famous and important than Brady. It's easy to see how this is just another interview for him. Of course, in this neck of the woods, Brady is the GOAT and every decision he makes or word he says is dissected until there's no more content to squeeze out. Of course the interview is going to be debated and discussed and analyzed far beyond what's reasonable. But while the rest of us wonder, Stern is just going about his day, unimpressed by yet another famous person he's about to interview, and perplexed that the rest of us in sports would want to discuss it before Brady even says a thing.