Howard Stern's Interview With Tom Brady is Going to Be Nuts

Howard Stern is interviewing Tom Brady.
Howard Stern is interviewing Tom Brady. / Kevin Kane/Getty Images

Howard Stern announced on his SiriusXM radio show this morning that he will interview Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady (that feels weird to write) next Wednesday. The Big Lead confirmed the interview with SiriusXM, though they didn't disclose the time for the interview. In a fortunate twist of fate for those interested, even if you don't have a SiriusXM account, the streaming service is available for free until May 15, so everyone can listen to the interview.

And that brings up an interesting point: What is Howard Stern going to ask Brady and what is Brady actually going to answer?

A celebrity beyond football thanks to his marriage to international superstar model Gisele, Brady has guarded his privacy fiercely, showing glimpses into his life on his terms-- whether that be in documentaries where he has final say over what is released or carefully-crafted posts on social media.

Stern, a master interviewer, will try his best to break into the closely-crafted persona Brady has built over two decades. That's Stern's MO. His researchers find every little detail about a person's life and Stern artfully discusses them, getting celebrities to open up about those elements and expose themselves before they know what's happened.

Let's not forget, Stern is the guy who got Lady Gaga to admit she had a cocaine addiction, Jay-Z to admit he was angry because his father left him, and Kevin Hart to discuss the size of his member. So what is he going to ask Brady?

We'd have to assume he's going to press Brady on the Patriots breakup, but the reality is, Brady will be prepared for that. Gisele and Brady's family will be part of it too. Stern even said he can't wait to discuss his life. The couple's sex life might be discussed. Brady's relationship with his parents, what he thinks of Roger Goodell, what he thinks about the NFL going forward during coronavirus, how he would fix the COVID-19 pandemic, what size his you-know-what is, and basically anything else you can think of is on the table here.

And that's what makes this so interesting. Brady has agreed to sit in front of arguably the best radio interviewer of all time and potentially expose himself. It will be a battle of whits between him and Stern. Both are legends in their craft. Both are used to winning. Both are steadfast in their determination. Who will come out on top? I'll be listening on Wednesday to find out.