Howard Stern Devastated 'Mad Dog' Russo When He Told Him He Doesn't Watch 'First Take'

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Chris "Mad Dog" Russo appeared on The Howard Stern Show this morning where the two legendary New York radio hosts talked about whatever legendary New York radio hosts talk about. That includes Mad Dog's recent appearances on First Take, which was news to both Howard Stern and Robin Quivers.

Mad Dog: "Have you been paying attention to this First Take stuff on ESPN?"
Howard: [pause] "The first take?"
Mad Dog: "The show. With Stephen A. Smith."
Howard: "Listen, I don't know anything about sports."
Mad Dog: "Yeah, but it's a sport show. I'm on there once a week. 10 to 12. It's fun -"
Howard: "Oh."
Mad Dog: "We laugh. We fool around. We talk sports. We talk all these topics. You're not following that?"
Howard: "No, I'm not, but I didn't know you were on TV, but good for you. And that should help you get into the Radio Hall of Fame. I think That was my point."
Robin: "Maybe that will impress the voters, yeah."
Mad Dog: "I think it actually hurts to be honest with you."

Stern's complete ambivalence to First Take is the ultimate reminder that Twitter is not real life. Most people do not watch First Take or, for that matter, ESPN during work hours. Those people have no idea someone named JJ Redick has argued with someone named Mad Dog about a basketball player from the 1950's at some point since color television was invented. For all intents and purposes, those people are lucky. But they also didn't get to fully enjoy Howard Stern breaking Chris Russo's heart so let's score that one for the people of the Internet.

UPDATE: Of course, Mad Dog is the real winner. He revealed to Stern that he's getting $10,000 per appearance on First Take and it's apparently been a good investment of ESPN's money as ratings are up when he's the one sitting across from Stephen A. Smith.