JJ Redick Was in Pain Listening to 'Mad Dog' Russo Say Bob Cousy Was Better Than Chris Paul on 'First Take'


Chris "Mad Dog" Russo made his usual mid-week appearance on First Take today. With Stephen A. Smith out of studio, JJ Redick joined Mad Dog at the desk for the show's second hour and things quickly go uncomfortable as Redick defended Chris Paul. Both Smith and Redick were visibly and audibly flustered as Mad Dog insisted Bob Cousy was the greatest point guard ever. At times Redick looks sick to his stomach listening to Russo's argument.

Redick threw some absolute haymakers while trying to keep his breakfast from coming up here. When Mad Dog first suggests that Chris Paul is "not Bob Cousy," Redick responds with, "Bob Cousy couldn't dribble with his left hand." He then rightly points out that Cousy never shot 40 percent from the field.

Mad Dog didn't want to hear any of it as Redick just got more and more disgusted. Luckily, Stephen A. had Zoom'd in so he could yell about how great Paul was while Redick tried to keep his composure.

However you feel about Cousy, Paul or any of the other NBA greats mentioned in the clip, you have to admit that Mad Dog has yet again created a memorable moment on First Take.