How Many Games Are in the NFL Season?

Focus On Sport/GettyImages

The NFL recently unveiled its 2023 regular season schedule amid much fanfare. There were live shows and leaks and slick little videos cooked up by social teams. We know so much more about the fall than we did a few weeks ago, though things are still subject to change as Thursday Night flex scheduling could shift the state of play around a bit.

You may be wondering, as all people do from time to time, how many total games there are in an NFL season. We're here to help with some simple math and a willingness to share.

It's 272. There are 272 games. Each team plays 17 in an 18-week season with a bye week cooked in.

There used to be 256 games with each team playing 16 in a 17-week season but a few years ago the powers that be decided more football would be good.

On top of that, there are 13 playoff games for a combined total of 285 games.