Vin Diesel Dropped a Single on Kelly Clarkson's Talk Show Because 2020 Doesn't Stop

Stephen Douglas
Vin Diesel's single is dropping.
Vin Diesel's single is dropping. /

Hollywood is currently shut down because of the pandemic so actors have nothing to do but appear on reunion Zooms. If you've never been part of a beloved ensemble comedy worthy of a virtual table read, what is one to do? Vin Diesel has given us the answer and it is record some dope tracks. Diesel appeared, via video, on yesterday's episode of The Kelly Clarkson Show to drop his first single, "Feel Like I Do."

Folks, this is no time to joke, but if scientists don't figure out a COVID-19 vaccine soon, Vin Diesel is going to record a whole damn album. It may already be too late as Diesel is currently working with Kygo and as you can see by the virtual audience reaction, the world was not ready for his.

Let's travel back to Tyler Herro's infancy for a moment. On June 22, 2001, The Fast & The Furious hits theaters. A year later, on June 12, 2002, Kelly Clarkson makes her American Idol debut. And a year after that, in June 2003, From Justin to Kelly and the Diesel-less, NOS-more, 2 Fast 2 Furious both hit theaters.

Imagine you were able to time travel back to June 2003 and explain to yourself that nearly two decades later Vin Diesel would debut a dance song on Kelly Clarkson's talk show. Not only that, you would get to explain the entire Fast franchise. Also, the whole pandemic thing. It would be... a conversation. Anyway, let's hope this thing blows over quickly before more actors start singing.