'House of the Dragon' Is So Dark They Might As Well Film in Night Vision


House of the Dragon is a major hit for HBO. Millions of people tune in to watch the show every week and some of them can even see what's going on. See, House of the Dragon is one of those shows that is very, very poorly lit. The latest episode, which was one of the season's stronger efforts, featured multiple scenes in a row that took place under cover of night. It was not a great viewing experience and people let HBO know.

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HBO says it's a creative decision, which seems dumb, but what can you do? Well, might I suggest looking to one of the worst movies of the 21st century, the 2002 Rollerball remake?

That's right: make the entire show night visision. Anyone unfortunate enough to have seen Rollerball knows that in the third act of the movie there is a full seven-minute scene that is inexplicably shot in what looks like night vision. Here's a clip that includes an even more inexplicable sound effect.

If you're in a really dark place in your life, like the set of House of the Dragon for example, you can watch the Rollerball remake on Amazon Prime's freevee at no cost. And you can see and hear that scene about an hour into the movie. It's incredible cinema.

According to Wikipedia, this scene was originally shot too dark so they went back to re-shoot it which pushed the release back six months. And while they were trying to make it legible, they ran out of money and just decided to give it a green tint to make it look like night vision. This is what the producers of House of the Dragon should do. All they would have to do is add a single line of dialogue about wildfire and boom, you have actually have an explaination of the green hue.

Man, remember how good this show was? They really should have just remade the ending of Game of Thrones instead of pour all this money into a poorly lit prequel. Anyway, stop making TV shows and movies that are both hard to hear and see. There was a time when you could watch something in your living room during daylight and not need subtitles. Let's try that again.