'House Of The Dragon' Episode 7: Things Are Getting Good

Courtesy of HBO
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0:30-9:15: Intro and initial reactions to an action-packed episode. The latter half, anyway. Liam and Stephen explain why they're as optimistic as they have been yet that the show will finish strong. A child brawl as a pivotal plot moment? We like it. Alicent came across quite different this time around. Viserys and Daemon just can't quit each other.

9;15-16:15: Another time jump in the next episode? You bet. Liam and Stephen aren't big fans, but hold judgement. Rhaenyra and Daemon's "will they, won't they" is finally done. Laenor's "death" was quite the twist and Rhaenyra appears to be fully entering the Game of Thrones. Criston Cole almost did something!

16:15-23:00: King Viserys actually did something. Aemond was the most impressive character in the episode. Especially compared to his brother, Aegon. By and large, the casting has been very impressive and it was on display in Episode 7. Checking in on Viserys' health (it's bad). How long will he last? Larys Strong is still around.

23:00-32:05: We really have no idea how things are going to end this season, which is both good and bad at this point. Liam and Stephen find themselves pretty invested for the first time. Who will die? It's anybody's guess. Episode 7 narrowed the scope of the conflict, which felt necessary and beneficial. Final thoughts and ratings.

Liam McKeone and Stephen Douglas convene for their weekly House Of The Dragon discussion. The two break down the happenings of a rather eventful seventh episode that leaves them feeling as hopeful as they've been yet that the HBO series will be able to stick the landing. Other topics include the narrowing of the scope, the value of getting an entourage cast on-screen together, the tremendous casting of the younger characters, and the looming time jump déjà vu.