Fight at Hockey Rink Ends in Hilariously Unexpected Way

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At this stage in the Internet's lifespan you'd think that, once you've seen one fight video, you've seen them all. I bring to you today evidence to the contrary. This fight is truly unlike any other.

It starts out in a familiar manner. You've got someone videotaping two men swinging at each other in a sporting venue-- in this case, what appears to be a local hockey rink. Few solid blows are landed. Many bystanders are spotted looking shocked, entertained, or a combination of the two. Another guy kind of gets involved, but is then taken away. Eventually, the fight is broken up. And then...

Then... well, I'll let you find out for yourself. But the caption of the tweet is true. You really can't guess how this ends.

Extremely funny. This is how these fights always deserve to end-- with one of the offending parties knocking themselves out through sheer stupidity. Smashing your head against the glass at a hockey rink is basically the same as smashing your head against a wall. That stuff is hard, man.

As the old saying goes-- this is how the fight ends. Not with a bang, but with a forehead to the glass.