'Gutfeld!' Returns For Second Straight Night


FOX News' Gutfeld! era continued on Tuesday night with the second episode of Greg Gutfeld's conservative late night-comedy alternative. Gutfeld started the show by going after Major League Baseball and wokeness. Here are some highlights, starting with the monologue.

If you made it this far, thank you. Every eyeball counts and Gutfeld's debut episode had plenty of them, winning the 11 p.m. cable news hour with 1.69 million viewers. Anyone returning for a second helping on Tuesday night was met with repeats of jokes from night one, plus a star-studded guest panelists that included Kat Timpf, Tyrus, Walter Kirn and Eric Trump.

Of course, Gutfeld does have his detractors. Not everyone finds the new late night show funny and some of the "blue checks" have gone so far as to describe the show as bad or unfunny or one of the worst things they have ever seen.

It seems that not everyone appreciates the humor being crafted by Greg Gutfeld and the late night comedy writers at FOX News. But perhaps that's just a reflection of our fractured society. Night three of this high-flying extravaganza is just hours away and the excitement is palpable from sea to shining sea.