Greg Gutfeld Was Not Happy That FOX News Was Covering Tiger Woods' Car Accident

Stephen Douglas

Almost every media outlet has spent a good portion of time covering Tiger Woods' car accident since the news broke this afternoon. Among those outlets is FOX News and anchor Greg Gutfeld is not happy about it. During a segment with Geraldo Rivera, Gutfeld pretty much yelled, "He's not dead, Geraldo!" Gutfeld then went on a rant about it.

Here's the relevant quote:

""We have a challenge of doing this show, wall to wall stuff, having to avoid unspeakable truths. And instead do this kind of repetitive salutation and grand pronouncements. Let's at least inject a little bit of sobriety and honesty into this thing. My father-in-law died in his car on Christmas Eve. He wasn't a world famous golfer, but you know what? He was a great man and I'm glad I said it.""

Tiger's accident and the ensuing coverage obviously struck a nerve.